Power Houses
    Gensets Make
• Jenbacher • MTU • Cummins • Caterpillar • Deutz • Waukesha • MAN • Wartsila
    Turbine Make
• Kawasaki • S.T Canada
Boiler & Allied Equipments
    Package Boiler
• Descon
    WHR Boiler
• Descon • Gresham • Garioninaval • +Other Imported
Hot Water Generators
    • Descon
    • Gresham
    • Dyconix
    • Imported
    • Rol-Air Compressor
    • Atlas Capco
    • Guardian Gavenior
• LG • Century • Sanyo
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Throughout our days and night efforts we have acheieved 100+ clients warm heart satisfaction including some big names like,
  • Orient Energy System
  • Lakson Tobacco Co. Ltd
  • Tata Energy (Pvt.) Ltd
  • Gul Ahmed Textile Mills (Pvt.) Ltd
  • Feroze Textile Industries
  • Nakshbandi Textile Industries Ltd
  • Friendship Textile Mills (Pvt.) Ltd, Soorty Textile Mills (Pvt.) Ltd
  • Standard Board Pvt. Ltd, Indigo Textile Mills (Pvt.) Ltd
  • International Textile Mills Ltd, Island Textile Mills (Pvt.) Ltd
  • Asco International (Pvt.) Ltd, Artistic Garment Industries
  • Naveena Denim, M.N.Textile Mills Ltd, Indus Dying & Mfg. Co. Ltd
  • Crystal Processing (Pvt.) Ltd, Hussain Industries Ltd
  • +Plus many more....


Mr. Abdul Wahab Khan

Incharge Project

As Incharge work in the sphere of manufacturing, overseeing the production of goods in many industries at factories or plants. The main job is to ensure that all products are delivered with utmost efficiency and quality, according to planned protocols using the appropriate technology. And are responsible for both the big picture and the small details related to all aspects of production.

Mr. Mohammed Saqib

Chief Director

Directs under CEO for planning and designing of methods to improve or enhance existing programs. Oversees the analysis and review of budgets, schedules, production requirements and headcount to determine the most cost effective and efficient methods of obtaining necessary resources. Develops and recommends revisions or enhancements to schedules, human and monetary resource allocations, and production requirements. Ensures projects are completed on time. Acts as advisor to production engineering team regarding projects, tasks, and operations.

Mr. Mohammed Arshad


Projects mechanical engineers work on can vary significantly, from researching and developing medical products (such as mechanical hearts), to improving production processes in large oil refineries or designing services within buildings.

Mr. Abdul Hameed

Project Engineer

Responsible for onsite procedures, protocols. One of main duties is troubleshooting all steps in this process, and seeking improvement in procedures wherever necessary. They must be able to determine from where in the production line a problem originates, such as issues with machinery needing to be fixed, cleaned or redesigned, or if a worker is not adhering to the proper steps in manufacturing, such as using the equipment incorrectly or not assembling products properly.

  • "We will be an ethical, global business corporation. Our vision is to beautify the World through our products, our processes, our people and through our contribution to the environment and our society........"

    CEO - Abdul Waheed (
  • "Our Mission is to maintain and improve upon our quality work and grow bigger and better in the future so that we can serve our country & customers........."

    CEO - Abdul Waheed (

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Mr.Abdul Waheed(CEO) has hand on knowledge for the execution of all these jobs & has successfully delivered from different capacities in his 20 years of employment in different renowned engineering organizations.We have the capabilities to under take & deliver the above mentioned trade from small to large scale jobs.

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Our Values

    • Dynamic Engineering Services value & emphasis on “Customer Satisfaction” by delivering a quality work in an economical way. A dedicated team is engaged to achieve this commitment.

    • Dynamic Engineering Services has a spirit to provide one window operation to its customers & is in liaison with other engineering companies to provide cost effective solution.

    • Dynamic Engineering Services values human health & life. It strictly follows safety parameters to assure safe working at Projects.

    • Dynamic Engineering Services values natural environment & adopts techniques & procedures to assure clean environment at its work places.